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13 Underrated Bollywood Songs For Sangeet Ceremony, Must Checkout

P. Sailaja

Fri Mar 25

Sangeet is the most-awaited and interesting part of a wedding ceremony. Simply grooving with the music, dancing your heart out, and expressing your happiness with grace and confidence is what a Sangeet function is all about. Lights, cameras, good food, loud music, and happy people are what Sangeet offers us every single time. Are you someone who wants to dance for this function at someone’s wedding but are bored of repeating songs such as Morni Banke or Param Sundari? If so, then here we are for your rescue. Here is a list of some unique Bollywood songs for sangeet ceremony.

Why Go For Bollywood Songs For Sangeet Ceremony 2022?

bollywood songs for sangeet ceremony

Indians are obsessed with dance, good food, and mesmerizing music. If you want, you may go and dance to other songs as well. But the thing is that you won’t find the energy anywhere in the world that you will find after listening to them. Hats off to our amazing composers such as AR Rehman and Pritam Chakraborty, they create life out of music. And what is the meaning of a wedding where you can’t groove with high energy? 

Top Bollywood Songs For Sangeet Ceremony

Here is a list of top and highly underrated Bollywood songs for the sangeet ceremony. Select according to your taste and live with it!

  • Radha (Student Of The Year)

A beautiful song from SOTY is Radha. Not only does it have amazing music and beats, but also gives vibes of the 90s along with the modern feeling. Also, it has a spiritual meaning, which is wonderful to our ears.


  • Saajanji Ghar Aaye (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

If you want to take a break from the present Bollywood songs and try something from the classic Shahrukh Khan Era, then this is for you. Adding royalty to it is the interesting conversation between bride and groom in a musical form.


  • Gal Mitthi Mitthi (Aisha)

Gal Mitthi Mitthi from Aisha is a classic example of the fact that a song isn’t made for any particular caste or religion. It is made for all to enjoy and celebrate. With beautiful lyrics and music, you would surely light a fire on stage with it.


  • Ye Ishq Hai (Jab We Met)

When Shreya Ghoshal comes, the melody automatically enters the room. One of her favorites is Ye Ishq Hai. purely based on how randomly a girl enjoys when she falls in love, this could be a perfect match for you if you are the bride.


  • Iski Uski (2 States)

A couple having a love marriage that is interfaith can totally relate to this song. If the groom is a Punjabi, then it would become mandatory to play this track on the Sangeet. Make your Punjabi fiance’s day special by dancing to this beautiful song.


  • Bahara (I Hate Luv Storys)

A melodious track from I Hates Luv Storys is Bahara. Perfectly describing a girl’s emotions combined with the right beats and tune, dancing on Bahara would surely melt everybody’s heart and you are good to go!


  • Gulaabo (Shandaar)

Enough of sweetness and subtlety, here is something for your bold and fiery form. What you feel when you listen to “Gulaabo, zara itar girado…!”, is your bold and beautiful form. Go human, you are sure to set the stage on fire!


  • Laung Laachi (Laung Laachi)

A mesmerizing Punjabi track is Laung Laachi’s title track. A woman telling her husband to bring anklets while on her way to the market is the cutest part of this song. If you are a bride with this choice, then it is definitely a great choice.


  • Vaddi Sharaban (De De Pyar De)

A highly underrated song of Bollywood for Sangeet functions is Vaddi Sharaban. Do you ever feel like throwing on a saree and dancing on it just like Rakul Preet did in the video? If so, then this is your chance, don’t miss it, girl!


  • Khadke Glassy (Jabariya Jodi)

Last on the list of top Bollywood songs for the Sangeet ceremony is Khadke Glassy from Jabariya Jodi. With a powerful lyrical and musical background, this is a classic example of swag mixed with hotness and bold nature.

Some Honorable Mentions

Enough of solo or group performances, here we have a special heading for some special and heart-warming moments. This part is totally dedicated to the couples and duets who are going to perform for their/ someone else’s Sangeet. So here are a few soothing Bollywood songs for Sangeet functions, exclusively for couples.

couple dance

  • Dekha Hazaro Dafaa (Rustom)

One of the masterpieces of Bollywood is this song from Rustom. Whenever you listen to this song, do you get the feeling of how beautiful love could be? Or listening to this makes you remember your beloved? If so, then make sure to dance on this in a Sangeet function. It would be even more amazing if you both color-coordinate in this, which would look amazing and grand.

  • Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas)

The title track of the movie “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ ‘ sung by Arijit Singh is worth listening to. This beautiful song will surely make you fall in your partner’s arms and dance. If you are someone who feels the same way, then why don’t you both go for this? Truly calming and entirely loving, make sure to make love to your partner with this pacifying track.


  • Mere Yaara (Suryavanshi)

One of the latest Bollywood songs for the Sangeet ceremony is Mere Yaara from Suryavanshi. Arijit Singh has so much love and affection in his voice that whenever he sings, one is sure to fall in love. Furthermore, the song is enough to provide you with the warmth you might need in your life, and make you believe in love again. So get ready to fall in love with your partner all over again with this melodious track!

The Bottom Line

These are some of the beautifully underrated Bollywood songs for the sangeet ceremony. We hope that this list might help you with your preparation for an extra special day, with lower efforts than usual. Happy Wedding!


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