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Unique Engagement Ring Designs to Look Out for While Selecting One for Your Bride-to-Be


Thu Nov 19

Are you looking for that perfect engagement ring for your bride-to-be? Well, we are here to make sure you find the best for the most special woman in your life. An engagement ring is one of the most special jewellery pieces for your woman. Well, we are here to make sure your engagement ring is one of the most special and extraordinary ones. With the arrival of the wedding season, many couples are planning to get engaged as well. Well, to make your work easier and simpler, we have picked unique of engagement ring designs you should look out for while selecting the one for your bride.

Well, if you are thinking about which ring would your bride to be would love the most then, we have cleared it out for you. These unique engagement ring designs are handpicked to make sure you find the best for your special day. Well, no wonder diamond is a women’s best friend, as these rings are all in solitaire and diamonds. So, if you are a groom to be looking out for that perfect wedding engagement ring then, this article is for you. Make sure to check our complete article on the unique engagement ring designs and pick the best diamond for your bride.

  • The Ultimate OTT Solitaire Ring

Well, this over the top solitaire ring is topping our list for a reason. We absolutely love this champagne coloured engagement ring designs for your bride. The diamonds on the ring and around it is what makes it special and a charm for your women.

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  • The Beautiful 3 Layered Band of Diamonds

This one is perfect for your bride if she loves the subtle designs for her jewellery. This diamond-studded wedding band is covered with small diamonds on the three layers. We are sure your bride-to-be would admire this ring as we do.

  • Layered Up Engagement Ring with A Square Diamond on Top

A special ring for the most special person in your life. Well, this ring is surely one of its kind. The big square diamond on top with the other layers of the band is making us love this design even more. Check out the image of this gorgeous engagement ring below.

  • Gorgeous Crown Shaped Engagement Ring

Oh so pretty! A crown for your queen in the form of your engagement ring This ring is one of our favourite engagement ring designs for a reason.

  • A Cushioned Solitare in Rectangle

A rectangular diamond ring is one of the most unique ones in our list. We are sure your bride would love this if she always looks for something unique and extraordinary.

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  • A Floral Pattern Diamond Ring

A floral pattern ring is one of the prettiest engagement ring designs of all. The unique design and beautiful look of this ring makes it even more special.

  • The Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Well, this one comes with three beautiful diamonds, two on the sides and one in the centre. We find this design most extrinsic of all.

  • A Beautiful Curvated Engagement Ring

A curvated engagement ring with double layers. This is one of our favourite picks in the contemporary engagement ring designs.

  • The Band of Love Decorated with Diamonds

Well, a gorgeous piece in a combination of gold and diamonds. This engagement ring is a bliss to our eyes. The beautiful band like design and diamonds studded all over it is making us weak in the knees for this piece of diamond.

  • The Oval Shaped Wedding Band

An oval-shaped wedding ring is nothing too unique but super gorgeous. This one is stealing our hearts with its beautiful finishing and design. Check out the image below for better inspiration.

  • Elegant and Beautiful Two Layer Ring

The most basic and elegant two-layered engagement ring for your beautiful bride. If your bride loves to keep it simple and elegant then, we have found you the best engagement rings of all. Check out this beautiful piece below and take your inspiration.

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