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Utilize Your Free Time by Preparing the Ultimate Bridal Trousseau in This Quarantine


Thu May 28

An Indian bride is supposed to feel like a princess before her wedding day. She is pampered with love, care, fancy outfits, and jewellery to make sure she feels and looks amazing. Well, the villain of all the weddings, coronavirus isn’t any good for a bride to be. We know you have gotten bored thinking about your dream wedding and how this pandemic ruined it. Well, quarantine isn’t proving to be your worst enemy as it has given you much time to make sure your dream wedding is even more dreamy. It is one of the most special times for a girl and to make it even more special we have the perfect guide for your bridal trousseau preparation.

A bridal trousseau includes everything a bride needs on her wedding day. From glittery shoes to glamourous makeup kit, your wedding bridal trousseau kit has everything you need. So, if you haven’t yet prepared a bridal trousseau then, this quarantine is your perfect time to prepare one. Well, if you don’t know where to start then, this article is your guiding angel to make sure you don’t miss out on anything from your ultimate bridal trousseau box. So, make sure to read our complete list below and efficiently utilize this quarantine.

  • The ultimate makeup kit box

One of the most important parts of every bridal trousseau box is an ultimate makeup kit. by ultimate we mean a makeup kit that includes every product from your favourite lip shade to a makeup remover that works wonders. Make sure to add all the waterproof makeup products and a primer to keep your makeup long-lasting. Do not forget to add a sindoor for your after marriage look and spread your glam where ever you go.

Top 10 Products You Must Add in Your Bridal Makeup Trousseau Box

  • Lingerie for every outfit

Well, you can forget to add anything but not your lingerie. We are not talking about a simple lingerie collection but a collection with all types of lingerie. Form classic ones to sexy ones, don’t forget to include every type of lingerie for every outfit. It is an important part of your bridal trousseau and needs to be taken care of by keeping in mind every little detail.

  • Glittery and Comfy heels

Adding some of the most beautiful heels is an essential part of preparing your ultimate bridal trousseau. Heels go with every outfit, be it a glamourous saree or gown or any other outfit. A pair of beautiful and comfortable heels is all you need to get that perfect look on every occasion. Don’t forget to add all kinds of heels from block heels to pencil heels to make sure you have options for every outfit.


  • Jewellery from modern to traditional

You can’t always wear gold or diamond jewellery after your wedding as it is not only unsafe but, it can also leave you with fewer options. You can prepare a collection of artificial jewellery that would go with both modern and traditional looks. Don’t forget to add a beautiful Kundan choker necklace to your jewellery collection.

Beautiful Nath Inspirations for All the Brides to Be

  • Don’t forget the flats

Well, by now you must have prepared a list of heels you want to add to your bridal trousseau but, you can’t always punish your feet by wearing heels all the time even if those are the most comfortable heels. So, adding some quirky and unique flats to your bridal trousseau would save your feet from any discomfort and this would also, provide you with plenty of options to pair different footwear with different outfits.

  • A clutch for every occasion

A party look is never complete with a perfect clutch and so, to make sure you rock all the parties after your wedding you need to prepare a collection of elegant clutches that would go on every occasion with every outfit.

  • Toiletries you need

Well, you also need your daily products and toiletries like your favourite shampoo, shower gels, and other skincare products. So, don’t forget to add those in your bridal trousseau too.

  • Perfectly fitted jeans and a sexy black dress

Lastly, don’t forget to add a little western touch to your ethnic bridal trousseau with a pair of nicely fitted jeans in your favourite shade and a sexy little black dress for dinner dates with your partner in life.

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