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Reasons why you need to host your wedding at a resort/hotel :

Ridhi Ridhi

Mon Jan 6

Wedding involves a huge amount of tasks. From the venue to catering, from decorations to favors, from guest invitations to rituals and whatnot. All the tasks at the wedding need a huge amount of effort and dedication. But some of them are way more important than others. For example,  choosing a perfect venue for your wedding is the most difficult task.  You have to think about hundreds of things while you’re choosing the venue. Will the guests fit in this space? Is this venue easily accessible? Do they have all the facilities at the venue? And most importantly how much does it cost! You have to keep all these things in mind before choosing the venue. 

Choosing a hotel or a resort as your wedding venue has a lot of perks. Let’s discuss those in detail.


wedding at a resort

Hosting your wedding at a hotel or a resort will solve the biggest problem which is accommodation. Many of your guests might be coming out of the city or country as well. It’s important to make good accommodations arrangements for them at your wedding. If you choose to host your wedding at a hotel, then it solves the problem of accommodation for all the guests. This will take a huge burden from your shoulders.

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2.Multiple venues at the same place:

Hotels or resorts usually have many different areas or venues where you can host your different events. They usually have a banquet hall, lawn, pool, etc. This way you can host your different rituals at different venues but all in the same place. Isn’t that just great? You can have the pool for your pool or cocktail party. You can have a banquet for your Sangeet and the lawn for your wedding ceremony. This will make your work a lot easier.

wedding at a resort

3.Catering and decorations:

If you’re hosting your wedding in a hotel, then they surely have their own catering service which can be provided at all the functions of your wedding. This way you won’t have to worry about bringing caterers from outside. Plus most of the hotels have their own decorations staff. So all your decorations can be done by them only. If you include these things in the package, then you can also get a good discount from the hotel itself.

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4.Access to an on-site wedding planner:

wedding at a resort

Many of the hotels or resorts already have their own wedding planners. They can direct and plan your wedding as you like all in one place. You can have access to the wedding planners if you book them when you’re booking the hotel as your venue. This way your work will be a lot more convenient and you will be able to enjoy your wedding knowing that there are professionals working for it.

5.Holiday experience:

A wedding is all about enjoying yourself with your loved ones around you. All of your family and friends are going to be there at your wedding. What will be a better thing if it turns out to be a great holiday for all of them? Choosing a hotel or a resort as your wedding venue can make this happen. It will give you and all your guests the feeling and relaxation of the holiday.

Most of your work is going to be handled by the hotel staff. So you just need to relax and chill with your friends and family. After all, these are the moments you’re going to be cherishing forever in your life.

6.All the events at one place:

wedding at a resort

When you choose different venues for different events at your wedding, then it’s going to be really hectic for you and your guests both. Running from here to there is not going to make your wedding any less stressful. It can sometimes lead to a delay in many of the rituals. Thus, hosting your wedding at a hotel or a resort will give you the advantage of hosting all your events at one place only. This will reduce the hustle and bustle of reaching the venue on the time. 

So, these are some of the advantages you can get by choosing to host your wedding at a resort/hotel. It will make your wedding really smooth and convenient for all.

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