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What Should You Expect From Your Wedding Planner?


Mon Feb 4

A series of questions continuously barge you when you have to plan your own wedding.

  • ✓ What am I going to do with my pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding functions?
  • ✓ Should I quit my job and solely focus on my Wedding Functions?
  • ✓ But How am I going to plan my Entire Wedding?
  • ✓ Should I take help of wedding planner?
  • ✓ Is spending thousands on a Wedding Planner worth the investment?

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Most of the wedding planning companies say it is worthy to choose a wedding planner wisely. The stance will end up saving a lot of money yet you can have your wedding at the top destinations in India. Hiring a wedding planner can help you make the process enjoyable and easier. It will not overwhelm you by the sheer number of decisions that need to be taken. To give a clear vision of what the wedding planners do, we have listed some main jobs that we cover.

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Determine your Needs

Tasks related to the wedding will consume a great deal of your time. Juggling between your full-time job and social commitments can leave you in stress. Hiring a Wedding Planner can take these responsibilities off your head. Craft your vision if you find it difficult to explain your ideal wedding into words. The wedding planner can help you with your desired location and engulf with the right set of mood and energy you need to have for your big day. Also, see through it that they are ready to put your wedding in the priority and add an extra layer of coordination.

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Prolific Ideas

Usually, most of the to-be brides spend a lot of time flipping the pages of bridal magazines or watch Instagram posts to get a wedding inspiration. Leave all the stress onto your wedding planner and he will come up with umpteen number of ideas for pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding celebrations as many of them aren’t found online. But also it is important that your dream syncs with the wedding planner’s idea else do not hesitate to raise a red flag. Before you start putting together the centerpieces and raw materials required for the wedding, there is a planning process which should be taken care after deciding on the wedding setup.


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Budgeting and Scheduling

Budget is a crucial attribute and will affect every decision of the wedding. Most of the couples have exact wedding budget and schedule to stick to. Hiring an expert behind all your decisions, negotiations and purchases will end you up saving a huge chunk of money. Also keep in mind that the pricing may vary based on the wedding planner’s experience, level of expertise, geographical location, guest count and date. But, their pull may help you score additional discounts, crunch members and get you the best deals.


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Vendors and Venues

Finding a location that matches with your personality, interest, and taste can be very daunting. Fortunately, these critical aspects are a part of the wedding planner’s job description. They can recommend suppliers and venues who can get the best results at the best prices without letting you get discouraged. Your planner likely has a lot of connections can help you pick the right vendors and venue that can bring your wedding vision to life. After securing a vendor comes plenty of contracts and paperwork.


Contract and Paperwork?

Is it really necessary?

Unfortunately, Yes. But this is when the wedding planners can make sure that everything is organized and helps you do the deed smoothly and hassle-free.
D-day Assistance

The combination of seemingly small tasks creates your perfect day. Tasks like wedding-day timeline, setting up the seating chart, assembling invitations and much more needs to be handled. Most of the big events come up with urgencies at a certain point whether you like it or not. Being our big day, we as bride and groom do not wish to get involved in any of these critical situations. Wedding planner in such situations acts as a safety net as they are always ready to troubleshoot so that you won’t have to bother. You might not see your planner much on your wedding day as he will be working behind-the-scenes, seeing through it that everything run-on-time smoothly.

Trust the destination wedding planners of India on this one- you need a helping hand as you need to spend some precious moments with your loved ones. There will also be certain important tasks that need to be handled after the wedding like location cleaning, returning of the rental items, handling all the breakdowns and making sure to get proper feedback.

Know all about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a wedding planner. After all, this is the day worth remembering throughout your lifetime.

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