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Bra or Nipple Pasties: Perfect Guide Of What To Wear When!


Tue Sep 12

Bra or Nipple Pasties
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bra or Nipple Pasties)

Every bride needs to look the best on their wedding day and it indeed takes a lot of time & energy to do so. Everything needs to be in place and for that to happen, your bridal wear should look perfect. But your innerwear should really be perfect so as to make sure that your bridal wear stays right in place and looks just perfect! Brides struggle a lot to find the right innerwear for the wedding day and that is where everything goes wrong.

But don’t you worry, because we got your back. The bridal lingerie is the most important thing that your must pay more attention to and to make sure of that, we have the Bra or Nipple Pasties: Perfect Guide Of What To Wear When! This blog is surely going to help you to get the perfect bridal lingerie for your wedding day.

It is a timeless and very important question that every bride has – Which lingerie to wear for the wedding day? But you do not have limited options available ladies. The discovery of pasties and body tapes is one of the best finds for the brides, especially. And today we are going to help you to understand when to opt for what for your wedding day!

When To Wear A Bra

1. To Add A Lift And Volume

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These are perfect for getting the desired lift and volume in your bust line. The padded bras should be your choice if you are wearing a deep-cut neck blouse, to get a nice lift that will add the oomph factor to your look. They work magically in enhancing your cleavage.

2. Full Coverage

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These are saviors for the ones with heavy breasts. Bras get the perfect amount of support and coverage that you would desire. Opting for a full coverage underwired ones, in case of heavy breasts, is what we would recommend. These help with providing support and shape to your breasts, quite perfectly.

3. To Be Confident Of Your Whole Ensemble

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It is always advised to wear a bra if you are not accustomed to nipple pasties or body tapes. Those can take you a while to be comfortable in but you would forever be accustomed to a bra and so, to carry on with the confidence, you must opt for these for your wedding day. Make sure to wear the perfect fitted one.

4. Longer Usage

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These are perfect to used over a longer period of time. Invest in a good quality bra which might be expensive but those can be used for a very long time and are best for continuous usage. The only thing you need to make sure is that the it should be of your size and must fit your perfectly.

When To Wear Nipple Pasties/Covers

1. For Plunge Necks

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These are literally blessings to every woman. These are perfect for the ones who are opting to wear plunge necks and are worried about the strap showing and you being uncomfortable. There are many nipple pasties available like silicon nipple cover or pasties, and even body tapes that would be perfect hold your breasts in place and give it a slight lift too.

2. For Sleeveless/Backless Outfits

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In case of sleeveless and backless outfits, these are the perfect for you. These would get you rid from the worries of the strap showing or the sticking on to your skin. The pasties perfectly conceal your breasts and would work perfectly for the ones with a petite figure.

3. To Feel Comfortable

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The pasties would make you feel most comfortable in your skin and honestly, once you start using them – there is no going back. These will conceal your breasts perfectly and would be free from digging straps too. You will feel much better and comfortable while getting to move freely.

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