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6 Bridal Waist Bags Designs for the Carefree Brides


Mon May 9

Brides nowadays prefer more convenient, fashionable, and classy look, Waist bags for their weddings is the way to go. Be the stylish bride as we reveal the newest bridal trend of the year that will set your Outfit of the Day apart from the rest. Elevate your bridal style by accessorising your lehenga or sari with embroidered fanny belt bags or waist bags. They are not only fashionable but also lightweight.

A cool bride isn’t one who preserves her cool throughout her wedding ceremony, but rather one who embraces current trends and chooses beautiful attire and accessories. An additional accessory, such as a bag, becomes too much to bear. so, basically tying a fancy waist bag is the optimal and chic solution.    You don’t have to accompany your lehenga with traditional potli bags and accessories.

It’s a no-fuss accessory that makes things so much easier while also looking great. The good news is that there is a lot of options available along with embroidered and adorned pieces for the brides. We’ve selected various looks for you to save and seek for the one that matches your bridal gown.

  1. Waist bags matching with your Outfit

Matching your fanny pack to your wedding dress shouts trendy. We recommend purchasing a fanny pack to match your wedding attire. It will look stunning with your bridal gown, and we can’t get enough of these lovely brides who wore it so well.

just A self-fabric waist belt will tie your outfit’s monotones together. It will hold your dupatta in place and draw attention to your curves. The tailor can also customise these belts upon request. show it off.

  1. Casual fanny pack


Fanny packs/ belted bags are really useful. Long days and big crowds make carrying large bags full of items challenging. As a result, fanny packs are an ideal solution for our brides. Weddings are the ideal occasion to select a trendy pack with bright colours and designs while being cool and relaxed. It’s incredibly elegant and trendy, and once the ladies see you wearing one, they’ll want one too!

  1. Contrast

Allow your contrasting-colored fanny pack to draw all the attention. We guarantee that your engagement, sangeet, cocktail night, or reception party will look fantastic. The contrasting accents will set your fanny pack/belt bag apart. It has an adjustable strap and a mix of fabrics and textures for a unique, graphic look. Ideal for a fun, hands-free stroll around during the wedding.

  1. Belted bags

This is a charming small purse/bag attached to the side of a belt. Brides who want to carry their belongings on a glamorous day don’t need to look any farther. The belted bags will highlight your waist while carrying your belongings, giving you the perfect look for your big day.

  1. Fabric belt bags

If you believe carrying a bag with an already heavy lehenga will be too much, try these cloth belt bags. These are quite light and will perfectly complement your outfit. It may be as large or as small as you like, and you can easily separate the clutch from the belt and wear it with a saree or as is for a more casual look. You can have these made by the same designer that makes your bridal gown because they require the same fabric and style.

  1. Mini waist bags

If you’re going to get a cummerbund for your wedding, you might as well make a minor change, or addition, to it and get a mini bag attached to the belt. This bridal belt bag fits on your belly and is really unique and beautiful. These are quite little but can fit a lipstick for a fast touch-up, making them ideal for a carefree bride. Even if you have no intention of keeping anything, you could acquire it only to add this incredibly cute item to your bridal appearance.

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