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Top 15 Amazing Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur For Your Wedding Looks!


Thu Mar 21

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

A wedding in Udaipur is a wonderful fusion of opulence, tradition, and captivating beauty. Located in the center of Rajasthan, Udaipur is a popular destination for couples looking to have a fairy-tale wedding because of its magnificent palaces, calm lakes, and overall grandeur. Udaipur has an abundance of exquisite locations for any ceremony, ranging from the stately City Palace with its stunning view of Lake Pichola to the evocative ambience of Jagmandir Island Palace.

Now, for such astounding wedding set, the bride must be having high expectations regarding her wedding looks. And a MUA plays the vital role in it, we believe. To make that happen, we have come up to day with the list of the Top 15 Amazing Bridal Makeup Artists For Your Wedding Looks! You need to save it right away.

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1. Pooja

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Pooja is a Jaipur-based freelance makeup artist who is enthusiastic about creating gorgeous looks that turn her customers become gorgeous brides. She has a strong sense of imagination and takes great pleasure in creating distinctive designs that her clients find very appealing. Pooja is committed to making sure her clients’ innate beauty and sense of style are flawlessly complemented by the finished makeup.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

She goes above and above during makeup appointments to give brides personalized attention that makes them feel special. Hiring Pooja might help you become the bride of your dreams, but don’t forget to let her know what you expect from her.

2. Mahak Makwani Makeovers

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Mahak Manwani Makeovers is an Udaipur-based makeup artistry. Every young woman planning a wedding wants to appear amazing and perfect, and in order to make that happen, she needs to choose the best makeup artist who can give her a dream-like makeover for the ceremonies and make her look alluring in her marriage symbol. If you are searching for such an expert, Mahak Manwani Makeovers is the company you ought to choose. If you’re searching the city for a skilled makeup artist, hers is a name you shouldn’t pass over.

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Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Mahak Manwani Makeovers will guarantee that you look flawless from head to toe because they have been providing beautiful makeovers for many years. She uses high-quality makeup products from leading brands like MAC, Anastasia, Bobbi Brown, HUDA, Kryolan, and Kryolan to ensure that your makeup doesn’t smudge or negatively impact your skin in any way during the event. She might serve as your one-stop shop for all things cosmetic.

3. Face Chronicles By Sonam Jumani

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Chronicles of Faces By Sonam Jumani is an Udaipur-based professional makeup artist and hairstyling expert. Their team of professionals has mastered this craft and meets the needs of every client. They take the time to learn about the needs and desires of the client and consistently deliver beyond expectations. They say it’s ideal to seem natural, but looking natural requires cosmetics. Because of her skill in wedding, engagement, and party cosmetics, she has become a household name among women in the business.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Chronicles of Faces Working from her studio, By Sonam Jumani carefully selects HD, paraben-free products to offer our young brides a glowy, natural look. In addition, she does airbrush cosmetics, with a paid trial available. For an extra fee, the team of experts offers makeup trials so you may choose your appearance ahead of time for your events. For all of her brides, she applies upscale worldwide makeup brands such as Anastasia, Huda, MAC, Kryolan, Makeup Forever, Nars, and Bobbi Brown.

4. Gleam Makeover Studio

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Udaipur-based Gleam Makeover Studio provides bridal makeup services. The creative team’s goal is to offer their clients the best possible beauty care in a pleasant, professional, and healthy setting. They work hard to give brides an amazing makeover for their special day. Professional artists that are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service make up their entire team. Therefore, hire them for your wedding day to elevate your appearance.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

At your wedding, you won’t have much opportunity to speak because all you’ll be doing is grinning and posing for pictures or getting busy with the ceremonies. With the assistance of the professionals at Gleam Makeover Studio, you can look exquisitely beautiful during this entire process. They will maintain your beauty routine and make you seem flawless, from your hair to your nail extensions. You can reserve their services for your reception or Roka, or for any other wedding function.

5. Styles And Smile Artistry

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Yogita Mata, a longtime professional makeup artist in the glamour industry, is the owner of Styles And Smile Artistry in Udaipur. She is a licensed professional hairstyle and cosmetics artist with experience in both domestic and international weddings. Her proficiency with brushes is well-known, and she strives to create the most stunning makeup looks. She provides her services at your desired location for your convenience and specializes in both bridal and beauty makeup. She is a skilled makeup artist who genuinely enjoys what she does.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Styles And Smile Artistry has given numerous women a gorgeous look for their wedding day. She can provide you with the greatest selections because she has a thorough awareness of bridal trends. She will ensure that your makeup looks natural and easy because she is accustomed to working with a variety of skin tones. To offer you a long-lasting look, she uses high-quality products like Makeup Forever HD, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Nars, etc.

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6. Tanya The Bridal World

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Based in Udaipur, Tanya the Bridal World offers bridal makeup services. It’s a one-stop shop for all skincare and cosmetics requirements for your wedding events. The desire to look perfect on her wedding day and to astonish everyone with her beauty as she walks down the aisle is innate in every soon-to-be bride. Tanya the Bridal World is therefore one of your best options if you want to look stunning for all of your wedding festivities. She is a well-known figure among her clientele and strives to make her bride smile.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Tanya the Bridal World provides an array of beauty services that will transform you into a stunningly beautiful person. She believes that since each bride is distinctive and different, she should receive extra attention, lavish treatment, and an amazing bridal makeover. With their base in Udaipur, the team of beauty specialists is prepared to accompany you on trips both inside and outside the city, depending on the demands of their clientele.

7. Makeovers By Kamakshi Soni

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Makeovers by Kamakshi Soni is an Udaipur-based freelance makeup artist who transformed her love and passion for cosmetics into a full-time career. She has given her skill set to many brides from all over the world, not just in India, to improve their appearance. Kamakshi Soni is well-known in Udaipur, India, for having styled and applied cosmetics for a group of powerful and remarkable ladies in the past.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Since its official founding over five years ago, Makeovers by Kamakshi Soni has ascended the social ladder and gained recognition as one of India’s most sought-after bridal makeup salons. This makeup artist, who specializes in airbrush makeup, has a true talent for applying makeup that blends in perfectly with your skin tone. Her work has flawless elegance and attention to detail that will make the others pale in comparison.

8. Beautify By Yogita

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Located in Udaipur, Beautify by Yogita offers wedding bridal makeup services. This imaginative makeup artist is renowned for providing makeovers so amazing that every future bride will look stunning from head to toe. Yogita offers a plethora of hair and beauty products to ensure you appear flawless for all of your events. As a passionate and eager makeup artist, Beautify by Yogita views each bride as a member of her family and a friend. She is talented and skilled, and she knows how to make you look amazing from head to toe.

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9. Rinku Patel

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Renowned makeup artist Ms. Rinku Patel, who owns Rinku Patel Makeovers in Gujarat, is well-known for her extraordinary skill. After running a profitable business for five years, Ms. Patel has gained recognition for her ability to alter people and has helped many clients with her enchanted touch.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

A group of talented makeup artists at Rinku Patel Makeovers is dedicated to bringing out each client’s inner glow while preserving a delicate and natural look. Ms. Patel uses her skill in airbrush bridal makeovers to highlight natural facial features with exact contouring techniques. Her methodical approach guarantees perfect skin, enabling each bride to accept her natural beauty.

10. Nitisha Joiya Makeovers

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Mumbai is home to the bridal cosmetic company Nitisha Joiya Makeovers. Your wedding is a celebration of love, so selecting a vendor who can handle all of your wedding makeup needs can make the occasion even more memorable. Since she started working in 2010, she has dressed up more than 500 brides. She uses only the best products to maintain the glow long after the big event has passed since she doesn’t think that quality should be compromised in favor of quantity. She takes great care to match each look to the skin tone, providing the bride and her family with a look they will treasure for years to come.

11. Makeup By Kamakshi Bhatnagar

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Makeup by Kamakshi Bhatnagar is a Delhi-based makeup artist. Every girl wants to appear her best on her wedding day, and a bridal makeover is the only thing that can achieve this timeless elegance. Makeup by Kamakshi Bhatnagar is the most appropriate for you if you are planning a wedding ceremony and are searching for a skilled makeup artist. She recognizes the importance of your special day and ensures that you get the most amazing makeover.

12. Makeup By Misty

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

In Udaipur, next to Ganesh Ghati, is a bridal makeup artist named Makeup by Misty Udaipur. A group of skilled and educated stylists and makeup professionals will work with you to understand your preferences and ensure the bride looks stunning on her special day. For many years, Misty Udaipur’s makeup has been a well-known brand offering hair and beauty services. They are experts at providing their brides with the newest and best cosmetic procedures. Thus, you can pick them if you’re looking for a salon that provides the best beauty procedures for you and your family.

13. Meraki Makeovers

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Udaipur is home to Meraki Makeovers, a bridal makeup artistry. Wedding days are exciting since there are so many events to attend, but one important aspect is the bride’s appearance. She needs to look her finest, from her feet to her cosmetics, therefore you should pick her for every wedding event. Since the beginning of her career, she has given many brides stunning appearances and perfect skin. Her primary objective is to help you stand out at all of your wedding’s festivities.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

You can choose from a wide range of elegant services at Meraki Makeovers, which will always leave you looking polished and gorgeous. She works hard to develop your entire face with amazing results and makes you appear attractive all the time since she believes that you are unique. She is prepared to go with you to your wedding stop quickly and seamlessly, even if your wedding is ending, so you may look gorgeous for the entire celebration.

14. Shilpas Styling Strokes

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Located in Udaipur, Shilpa’s Styling Strokes offers bridal makeup services. Every bride dreams of having a fairytale wedding in which she is the princess and turns heads as she comes down the aisle. It’s crucial to choose a team that will give you the finest services possible to make you look genuinely beautiful if you want to make sure you always look stunning for your wedding and all of its associated events. Your quest for a team like that is over if you find one here.

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15. Stylo Salon

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Udaipur is home to the makeup artistry of Stylo Salon. One of a bride-to-be’s most auspicious occasions is the wedding ceremony, therefore looking your best on your wedding day is essential. Thus, Stylo Salon is the name you should trust if you’re searching for a creative makeup artist that can change you from head to toe. They are a well-known brand in the sector and have been in it for more than 5 years. Each of their brides receives customized care, and they guarantee to give you the ideal bridal glow.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

Because your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you must look your absolute finest and most beautiful on that day. They use only luxury cosmetics like Chanel, Huda, Mac, and others to magically conceal all the black spots. They are a great option for you if you are organizing a destination wedding because they are willing to go with you between places to provide the best services.

What is the average cost of bridal makeup artist in Udaipur?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

One of the most well-planned cities in India is Udaipur, where you’ll find that demand for makeup artists is always high. During the wedding season, prices and demand for bridal makeup artists get very trendy.

The starting price of a bridal makeup artist in Udaipur is about 10,000/-, but the rate depends on the package you select. The price will rise according to your package demands and products used; it can even reach 40,000/- depending on the artist’s creativity. The package includes bridal makeup, dress draping, time, expertise, products used, hair styling, and the partner’s makeover too.

Regular Bridal Makeup: 10,000 to 15,000

HD Bridal Makeup: 15,000 to 20,000

Airbrush Bridal Makeup: 12,000 to 18,000

Premium Bridal Makeup: 18,000 to 25,000

Guest Makeup or Family Makeup (Based on the number of guests): 2,000 to 12,000

Makeup Trial: 500 to 2,000

Complete Package: 20,000 to 40,000.

Remember to consider factors such as the artists experience, reputation, and the specific services included when selecting a makeup artist for your special day!

How To Book A Bridal Makeup Artist In Udaipur?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

1. Always book an appointment beforehand, to avoid the last-minute chaos. All of the makeup artists are always high in demand, especially in the wedding season. Taking an appoint 2-3 weeks prior will guarantee you great service!

2. Before confirming the booking with the makeup artist, check out their prior work, reviews, and portfolios. Websites, social media accounts, and bridal forums can all be explored.

3. Once you have finalized your makeup look, reach out to them and check out their availability.

4. Make sure you communicate what you expect from your makeup artist, and if possible, show them certain references. You can also get a trial makeup done, some weeks before the wedding so that you are 100% sure about their work.

5. Keep your communication very clear about your budget too. There should be no misunderstanding regarding it too.

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Where can I Find The Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Udaipur?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Bridal Makeup Artists In Udaipur)

You can easily find and book best nail artists on

How To Find The Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Udaipur?

We have everything you need if you’re searching for the best bridal makeup artists in Udaipur. We promise that you won’t be short of options. SetMyWed has compiled the top bridal makeup artists of Udaipur in the bridal makeup artists category!

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