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Long Distance Valentines Day In These 10 Amazing Ways!


Fri Feb 9

Long Distance Valentines Day
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

You’ve probably heard the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and the fact that more people than ever are in long-distance relationships is evidence that it’s true.
However, there’s a limit to how many FaceTime calls one can make before feeling a little uneasy about the situation. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of some of the top long-distance date suggestions to reignite your romance. Here is a well curated list of the 10 Most Amazing Ideas for an amazing Long Distance Valentines Day!

1. Fantastic Game Night

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

Even if you and your significant other aren’t avid gamers, there’s nothing quite like a nice game night done in a modern way. Users can play their favourite in-person games online thanks to platforms like this tabletop simulator. You can play together even when you’re far apart if you own a gaming console similar to the Nintendo Switch.

2. Join A Virtual Class Together

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

You and your partner can get yourselves enrolled in an online course and you both can spend your day learning a great skill. This will not only get you both to spend some time learning a new thing, but will get you memories for life!

3. Cook Together On Video Call

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

upcoming You won’t have to worry about blocking each other’s path while cooking up something delicious, so both kitchen nightmares and chopped participants can enjoy themselves. Choose a recipe that you can both prepare at the same time, and either make it a friendly competition or work through it together. Naturally, once you’re done, you’ll also get to enjoy the results of your labor.

4. Have A Watch Party

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

You are unable to binge-watch Netflix together. It is still possible to simultaneously push play and watch a movie; no popcorn sharing is necessary. Show each other your all-time favorites, make it a theme night complete with costumes and canapés, or truly get into a seductive love film for a more original take.

5. Write Letters For Each Other

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

We love the concept of sending love letters to each other through the mail before there was this fancy internet thing. You can still do it! Take out your paper and pen and write your sweetie a long, flowery note. To make it more of an activity, you may even write them together on a call. To create the impression of a wartime widow, dab the paper with a touch of your characteristic scent before mailing it.

6. Make Cocktails Together

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

Embrace your inner mixologist and throw a virtual get-together for two people. Create some inventive and enjoyable drinks, making sure to add ample garnishes. While not necessary, a cheese platter is strongly recommended.

7. Make Romantic Playlists

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

If you switch playlists with songs that bring each other back to mind, you’ll be in each other’s thoughts all the time. For an added touch, consider going old school and writing some liner notes outlining the rationale behind each selection.

8. Order Food For Your Partner

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

Nothing says “I know your food order” like it does “I care.” To observe their smile when the food arrives, use your preferred food delivery service to have their hunger fulfilled. Alternatively, send them a little piece of home, if you can’t be there in person, to let them know how much you care.

9. Make A Craft

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

Creating something handmade will make your partner extremely happy. Even if you’re not the do-it-yourself kind, it is the thought that matters. In addition, it offers you something to do in addition to converse, which can be a pleasant diversion from idle chatter. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll have a cute—or so awful that it’s cute—creation.

10. Get In A Nice Bath

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Long Distance Valentines Day)

After setting up your gadget away from the water in a safe location, take a hot bubble bath, and make a phone call. Though it’s not exactly the same as having a bath together, it’s pretty close. It also serves as self-care if you light a few candles and bring a glass of champagne inside.

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