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20+ Exquisite Mehendi And Reception Bridal Wear – Save It Right Now!


Mon Dec 11

Mehendi And Reception Bridal Wear
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Mehendi And Reception Bridal Wear)

Festivities like mehendi and reception fit with the perfect vibe with that of a lehenga. But isn’t it a little boring to wear lehenga for every occasion?! If that is the case, you’ve arrived at the ideal place! Because, instead of lehenga, today’s focus is all on what to wear to your reception and mehendi.

Entering the realm of wedding preparation offers a plethora of fashionable options. Deviating from the norm might give your celebrations a revitalizing feel. There is a wide variety of fascinating alternatives to the classic lehenga that should be on your trousseau list as you prepare for your mehndi and reception!

For brides and bridesmaids who want to eschew the conventional lehenga, we’ve put up a list today. The selections below are extensive and will undoubtedly assist celebrate the wide range of traditional attire, whether you’re picturing the refined elegance of a flowing gown for your reception or the vivid flare of a sharara for your mehndi.

Here are the 20+ Exquisite Mehendi & Reception Bridal Wear that you need to save right away!

Sharara Sets

Wide-legged trousers called shararas are worn with a short kurta and dupatta. They occasionally include exquisitely constructed crop tops or cholis. They provide a sleek and fashionable look.

1. Off-White Georgette Embroidered Choli & Sharara

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Introducing the head of all shararas. It’s stylish and current without sacrificing functionality, which is great if you want to dance nonstop at your Mehndi or Reception event!

2. Rani Pink Georgette Sharara

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A rani pink coloured sharara set is yet another very amazing choice that you can opt for, because it is absolutely regal and very exquisite!

3. Multicolored Embroidered Sharara

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Multicolored shararas are a gorgeous option for an outfit! These jewel-toned colours are the perfect choice for an enjoyable mehndi ceremony.

Quirky Jumpsuits

We are big fans of jumpsuits. Designers are now producing eye-catching, eye-catching jumpsuits with 3D embroidery in vivid hues that are difficult to resist. For brides looking to make a statement on their special day, jumpsuits provide a stylish, contemporary, and captivating alternative to the traditional lehenga.

4. One-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This gorgeous jumpsuit in cobalt blue has it all. It has an elegant one-side design on the shoulder, dhoti-style trousers, and embroidery. Is there anything not to love?

5. Mint Coloured Jumpsuit

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This mint-colored jumpsuit is making us tingle with delight because it combines sophistication with on-trend appeal!

Gorgeous Sarees

Among these choices, sarees’ classic elegance jumps out as a captivating and adaptable option for brides who want to infuse tradition with style. A stunning pre-draped design or the full nine yards are both excellent options for sarees.

6. Printed Flowy Saree

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This one is incredibly popular. This saree comes pre-draped and has a wonderfully flowy fabric that makes it comfortable to wear. Additionally, the belt flawlessly ties the entire ensemble together.

7. Lavender Pre-Draped Saree

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This saree is perfect for the ones who love muted colours but adding in shimmer-glimmer is their favorite thing to do!

8. Aqua Minimal Saree

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A sorbet-colored saree with a designer blouse is a great option if you’re the kind of bride who prefers to keep things simple.

9. Velvet Lavender Saree

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Everyone pulls out their velvet and silk gowns when the winter wedding season arrives. This gorgeous saree with a velvet pallu is perfect for a mehndi party in the winter.

Alluring Suit Sets

It’s hard to go wrong with bridal suits when wearing them. Particularly at Mehndi events, suits look stunning. They exude an effortless vibe and are timeless.

10. Embroidered Purple Suit Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Purple is a very elegant colour. Additionally, purple suits are very trendy for this wedding season. An exquisitely crafted dupatta and salwar are the perfect accompaniment to a purple suit.

11. Multi Coloured Suit Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A long, straight kurta with lots of vintage embroidery is perfect for you if you’ve always wanted to wear something understated yet elegant!

12. Green Embroidered Suit Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This gorgeous colour is one that you can definitely wear for your mehendi ceremony! Therefore, if you want to wear something simple yet stunning, pair a green kurta with a dhoti salwar.

Flowy Anarkali Sets

Anarkali suits are a captivating and classic option in the world of bridal fashion, where tradition meets modern allure, particularly for the colorful celebration of Mehndi and Reception. Anarkali suits are renowned for their refined and feminine style.

13. Green Anarkali Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

If you want to really go all out, wear palazzo trousers and a slightly shorter Anarkali. You will look amazing, no doubt. Expert advice: wear chandelier earrings to complete the look!

14. Red Gorgeous Anarkali Suit

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Red as a colour can never go wrong, over to that – red as an Anarkali suit is something that we go gaga over.

15. Mint Green Anarkali Suit

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

If you love pastels, this mint-colored Anarkali will be a great choice!

Magnificent Gowns

Yet another amazing option is to opt for pretty gowns. This can be a very magnificent option because it is not only beautiful but also quite comfortable to carry!

16. The Barbie Pink Gowns

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Choose a lovely long Barbie pink silk gown with minimal yet eye-catching embroidery if you want to go with a straightforward look that will still make you stand out as the bride.

17. Floral Organza Gown

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A lilac organza gown with floral motifs will look amazing if flowers are your thing!

18. Satin Hand Embroidered Gown

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A pink gown never fails to please, ladies. Choose a flared gown that is both elegant and playful for your mehndi look!

Co-Ord Sets

Co-Ords have been the talk of the town, and how! We absolutely love seeing the brides is pretty Co-Ord sets and here we are suggesting some of the best ones to you!

19. Hand Embroidered Co-Ord Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

People, this shimmering pant suit is everything that says “mehndi outfit” other than a lehenga! It can also be styled well for your reception ceremony!

20. Floral Jacket & Pants

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A pretty floral pan-suit set can uplift the mood and vibe, to a notch higher and make you the talk of the town!

Mesmerizing Gharara Set

With every bridal outfit telling a different tale, the Gharara stands out as a gorgeous and culturally significant option for the festive Mehndi celebration. The Gharara, which has its origins in South Asian traditional dress, is distinguished by its flared trousers and short kurta combination, which creates a unique and elegant silhouette.

21. Orange Embroidered Gharara

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This bright orange ensemble combines festive exuberance with gharara. This gharara provides brides with the ideal balance of classic style and modern sophistication.

22. Pastel Blue Gharara

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A charming gharara set with gold floral embroidery and motifs in a dreamy blue colour!

23. Yellow-Green Gharara Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

This yellow-green gharara is an amazing ensemble that embodies grace and celebration! It exudes a sense of freshness and vitality that is ideal for the lively Mehndi as well as for the Reception atmosphere!

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