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Top 7 Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs – Absolutely Save-Worthy!


Wed Aug 16

Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

Every bride needs to have a very pretty and the finest of the mehendi design for her wedding day. After all, it needs to be all about her. The mehendi, that every bride needs, should be special to her and should carry some personalized touch to carry some meaning and significance. Well, it can be confusing to choose and decide what kind of mehendi you want for yourself and we are here to sort that confusion today!

We have come up with the curated list of the Top 7 Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs that would look absolutely gorgeous and would have the significance that your want to carry along!

1. The Wedding Hashtag

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

These days the couples are getting their wedding hashtag decided and so we thought, wouldn’t it be very cute for you to get the hashtag included in your mehendi design? It is a very classy and trendy way to get your names into the henna design for the wedding and we would suggest you to get all the guests to get the hashtag on their hand with henna.

It would be quite fun and oh! your Instagram would be filled with great pictures too!

2. Love Story In Henna

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

How about getting your whole love story into the mehendi design? Romantic, isn’t it?! You will have to sit down with your henna artist some days prior to your Mehendi ceremony and you need to discuss the elements that specially describe the story of you and your spouse being together. It would be so amazing if you are getting this and it will surely be memorable and might make your spouse a little emo too!

3. Dedicated to The Better Half

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

We saw a lot many brides dedicating a verse or a poem to their better half by getting it on their henna design and we found it absolutely adorable! These designs are truly very heartwarming and absolutely wonderful as the idea is quite fresh and so very romantic! Imagine showing the design to your spouse and him being surprised and delighted at the same time.

You need to get this to see his pure emotions and expressions!

4. Carry The Significance Along

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

There must be some thing or some element that is an inside joke between you two; or maybe something that reminds you both of togetherness? How about getting that to the mehendi design for your wedding?! It would be quite interesting as only you two would know what that means and it would be delight for you to show your better half, the mehendi design!

You can also opt to get an element that indicates their profession or something that they like to do, to dedicate the henna design to your spouse and add the dash of happiness all along.

5. The Henna Portraits

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

Now, this is yet another very interesting concept. This idea has been seen a lot of Instagram and truly, a lot many brides are loving and getting it for their wedding day. Getting both of your portrait as your henna design would be so very romantic and absolutely very classy-trendy-sophisticated! It would look very beautiful and if made perfectly, it would be surely a very iconic mehendi design for your wedding day that any bride can ever carry!

6. The Best Memory Together

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

Remember the times that were the sweetest among all while you both were together? Getting that into your henna design would be such an amazing idea, we assure! You would as well as your spouse will love this mehendi design if you get this as your bridal mehendi design.

7. Initials On Henna FTW

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Personalized Bridal Mehendi Designs)

Last but the most ideal and classy is the initial mehendi design that many brides get. It is quite simple, classy, sophisticated and so very trendy! It is not very new but there are many ways to get the initials on to the mehendi design in a very pretty and trendy ways.

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