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Printed Lehenga Vs Embellished Lehenga – Perfect Guide 101!


Wed Jan 10

Printed Lehenga Vs Embellished Lehenga
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Printed Lehenga Vs Embellished Lehenga)

An integral part of a traditional Indian wedding is the bridal lehenga. It is the most significant piece of clothing for a bride, and the perfect lehenga can accentuate her grace and beauty. Choosing the ideal bridal lehenga might be daunting with so many styles and designs to choose from.

The hunt for the ideal bridal lehenga commences as soon as the wedding bells sound. Brides typically have to choose between wearing an embroidered or printed lehenga at this point.

Making a decision between these two unique lehengas is challenging because there is something alluring about each style. Therefore, if you’re having trouble choosing between an embellished and patterned lehenga, you’ve come to the correct spot since we have you covered!

Here is perfect guide for you to choose from – Printed Lehenga Vs Embellished Lehenga – Perfect Guide 101! Let’s get started…

When To Wear Printed Lehenga

1. For The Day Wedding Functions

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Because printed lehengas are frequently made of lighter materials, they are a fantastic option for a daytime wedding ceremony. Brides may move around comfortably and easily while still looking amazing!

Choose this style of lehenga for all of the wedding-related events on your wedding day.

2. The Intimate Wedding Functions

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

A printed lehenga is a better option for more personal and smaller wedding ceremonies. Not only can you get anything personalized on the lehenga, but you may also choose prints that are unique to you!

3. You Need To Mind The Weather

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Ladies, if you are planning a summer wedding, wear a patterned lehenga to as many of the events as you can. Printed lehengas are a fantastic option for looking stunning because they are lighter than embroidered ones. After all, you wouldn’t want the weather and a heavy lehenga to cause your makeup to sweat and oily hair!

4. For The Stunning Mehendi Function

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

The bride must be quite relaxed and have a vivid appearance at the mehendi ceremony. For this reason, we advise you to wear a patterned lehenga to the event. The geometric patterns, flower prints, or bohemian-inspired designs would all work well with the celebratory vibe.

5. For Tropical Destination Weddings

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

It is advised that you bring those airy lehengas if your wedding is taking place in an exotic or tropical location. You’ll look like a visionary due to how well patterns contrast with the gorgeous beach setting!

When To Wear Embellished Lehenga

1. For The Bling-y Grand Functions

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Choosing an embroidered lehenga will result in an easygoing yet elegant look. The sequins and metallic details on your lehenga are ideal for formal events like cocktail parties or receptions. They will also help you attain a stunning bridal look.

2. For The Gorg. Night Wedding Functions

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

An embroidered lehenga is a better option than a printed one for wedding events that take place at night. Compared to the subtlety of prints, intricate decorations will assist generate a more striking look.

3. For Your Luxurious Destination Wedding

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Don’t even consider wearing plain lehengas if your wedding is taking place in a lavish location with ever more elaborate ceremonies. It only makes sense to stand out by wearing a lavishly embroidered lehenga with all the shimmering details.

4. For The Grand Themed Functions

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Ladies, choose an embroidered lehenga if you want to have a lavish theme for any of your wedding events. This lehenga is a perfect choice to match your theme because bling or highly adorned embroidery is linked with grand.

5. For The OTT Wedding Day

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

The wedding day is a lavish event, so a truly magnificent bridal dress is required. The richly embroidered lehenga in classic colours like deep green, pink, or red would be the focal point of your bridal ensemble. Ultimately, this is the perfect day to splurge on an elaborately embroidered lehenga, creating a statement that perfectly captures the importance of the occasion.

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