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The Perfect 1-Month Checklist For Brides That Is A Must Have!


Wed Jul 12

Checklist For Brides
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

The brides have so much to do for the wedding and the festivities that it gets quite mad out there! For most of the brides, it gets very messy and they get forgetful about things while the whole planning is going on. And with so much on the platter, one must surely have a checklist to get the things done in due time!

We have come up with The 1-Month Checklist For Brides which every bride must have to be all set and do everything perfectly on time!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

1 Month Before The Wedding!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

1. Get started with your pre-wedding or pre-bridal skin care routine and treatments. Do not wait for the end moment as it not work well or have some severe side effects!

2. Begin the dance rehearsals for the Sangeet and other wedding festivities. You need to be ready with the choreography and the songs, altogether!

3. If you are planning to get a cake for any of the functions during the wedding, this is the time when you need to finalize the design, talk to a baker and book the cake!

4. Begin with packing your bridal trousseau and keep it ready!

5. Start planning the guests’ accommodation and other related logistics so that there is no mishap in the last hour.

6. If you are going for a destination wedding, cross-check all details and bookings right 1 month before the wedding.

2 Weeks Before The Wedding!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

1. Be ready with all the outfits that you are going to wear and make sure that you give them out for ironing/steam ironing!

2. If you are planning to get any hair treatments like hair coloring, deep conditioning or even hair trimming, you need to do it 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

3. This is the time when you need to get started with the bridal glow by getting your bridal facial done.

4. Get a whole-body exfoliation done so you are all ready for your honeymoon too 😉

5. Finish your packing for your new home as well as for the honeymoon. Do not keep this for the last moment as there will be a big risk of you forgetting to pack things!

6. This is the time when you should be having your bachelorette party as soon after this, all the wedding festivities will begin.

7. If you are planning to get your body bleached, get it right before 2 weeks of the wedding day.

1 Weeks Before The Wedding!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

1. Organize and separate all the outfits with the matching accessories as well as the footwear, as per the function that you are going to wear it for. Being sorted in your outfits and accessories will save you from any mishaps.

2. This is the time to get your facial hair removed. Threading might give some bumps so it is safe for you to get it done 1 weeks before the wedding.

3. Get the body waxing done 5 days prior to the wedding to avoid any rashes or bumps on the day of the wedding.

4. Get your hair spa done one day prior to the wedding festivities getting started.

5. If you are having a destination wedding, make sure you pack everything well and be sorted about the trip!

3 Days Before The Wedding!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

1. Reconfirm everything with all the vendors that you have booked!

2. Be ready with a bridal emergency kit having all the bridal essentials and keep it handy. This will save you from any last-minute mess!

3. This is the perfect time to get your manicure and pedicure done for the wedding day!

4. Get the final fittings done well of the outfit for your wedding day!

1 Day Before The Wedding!

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Checklist For Brides)

1. Confirm with the MUA that you have booked and reconfirm about the time and venue, if he/she is coming over to get you dressed.

2. Pack your wedding outfit and the bridal kit if you are going to go the salon to get dressed!

3. Reconfirm with the wedding photographer and discuss the necessary details about the pictures that you are expecting.

4. Drink enough water and be well-hydrated. You do not want to fall sick at any cost!

5. Avoid eating junk as It might get you bloated or you might get acidity.

6. Finally, have a great beauty sleep and trust us as we say 0 happy brides glow different!

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