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Valentines Day Special – 10 Things To Do In Delhi For A Memorable Day!


Tue Feb 6

Things to do in Delhi for Valentines Day
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Things To Do In Delhi For Valentines Day)

Delhi, where love and history are pervasive. Romance finds a place in the center of this energetic metropolis, amidst the busy streets and the echo of historic monuments. Everywhere you look, from the regal ambiance of the Red Fort to the enchanted gardens of Lodhi, you can hear stories of desire and passion.

Delhi turns into a canvas covered in romantic hues that beckons lovers to dance beneath the stars. Every second in Delhi is an embrace, and every step is an expedition into the heart of love. Delhi is more than simply a city; it’s a symphony of romance waiting to be discovered, where love flourishes like a lotus in the calm waters of the Lotus Temple, amidst all the charm and commotion.

Well, it is very rightly called Dil Walon Ko Dilli for a reason, we believe. While talking about romance, how not to talk about Valentines Day?! Today, we have curated a list for Valentines Day Special – 10 Things To Do In Delhi For A Memorable Day! This is going to be a great guide for all the lovely couples out there…

1. Shopping At Dilli Haat

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You heard it right; One of Delhi’s greatest areas for couples is Dilli Haat. You can have a great time here with your partner because there are lots of handicraft stores and eateries serving food from all over the nation. In the early evening, take a walk in the area between the Bengal and Naga Pavilions to witness young people high on planet love. You could celebrate Valentines Day in Delhi with your significant other here.

2. Stroll At India Gate Complex

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The greatest thing about India Gate is that it’s always open, the safest spot in the nation, and one of Delhi’s most romantic locations. Go here at night, and you won’t find much of crowd here. You can take a great stroll with your partner around the place and can share an ice cream or chuski. For a memorable date night, we absolutely suggest you this!

This is one of the cutests Valentines Day ideas, we believe.

3. Dinner Date At Thai High

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In Delhi, Thai High is unquestionably one of the most romantic restaurants for a date night. It delivers the greatest Thai cuisine with an authentic taste. With your significant other, get away to this location and spend some quality time feasting while the ambiance is enhanced by the twinkling city lights and fairy lights. This is a great spot for people who love perfectly cooked food.

Enjoy the best of Thai food, this Valentines Day!

4. How About Adventure Island?

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Do you want to live your childhood again? The answer is Adventure Island. It is among the most enjoyable and romantic spots to go in Delhi with your partner. The theme park is situated inside Metro Walk, one of Delhi’s largest malls. In addition to rides and shopping, a lot of events like fire acts, magic shows, ring dances, and belly dances are regularly scheduled.

Enjoy Your Valentines Day, by living it to the fullest.

5. Humayun’s Tomb For History Lovers

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One of Delhi’s most popular destinations today is Humayun’s Tomb. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the pinnacle of Mughal architectural excellence. The well-maintained site is from the sixteenth century. This location is quieter and less busy in the early morning, making it the perfect time of day to visit with a date. This is also the very perfect place a quite date for every history lover couple! This can be an ideal spot for your Valentines Day Date.

6. Rose Café For The Win

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Searching for Delhi’s best romantic café for supper? Visit this very cozy cafe with decor from of the Victorian era, which serves delicious meals and fine wine. Saket is home to Rose Cafe, where you may have a romantic dinner by candlelight. Given its exquisitely colorful atmosphere, this charming cafe is one of South Delhi’s most romantic spots. This place has really friendly and humble staff who make you feel very welcome.

This is the perfect place for a wonderful Valentines Day Dinner!

7. Smaash For A Game Night

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Smaaash is the most enjoyable place to go out and is situated in Gurgaon’s well-liked Cyber Hub. This is more than simply an online gaming area; you two can play games like cricket, bowling, and even dancing. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Delhi is undoubtedly to visit this location with your special someone. It is ideal to visit Gurgaon in the late evening because the city’s nightlife is something you just must experience. This is the ideal location if you’re searching for a romantic Valentines Day spot within 200 kilometers of Delhi!

8. Kingdom Of Dreams For Bolly-Lovers

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If you’re seeking for locations to visit near Delhi that are romantic, Kingdom of Dreams is a vibrant spectacle with a Bollywood vibe. Here, you may take in breathtaking scenery, engaging cultural events, delectable cuisine, and much more! The exquisite arrangement and intricate details are breathtaking.

This location is ideal for couples looking to have unique experiences on Valentines Day because it is packed with entertainment. This might easily rank among Delhi NCR’s romantic locations.

9. Chill Out In Connaught Place

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Connaught Place is renowned for its exquisite white architecture that embodies the colonial spirit. Connaught Place is a bustling area, but it’s also one of the greatest spots in Delhi for couples to hang out. Enjoying some fantastic activities with your date include shopping, dining out, lounging in Central Park, and of course, strolling around the neighborhood. This is yet another very amazing location to spend your Valentines Day at!

10. The Very Popular Lodhi Garden

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Lastly but certainly not the least is the Lodhi Garden. A romantic picnic spot in Delhi can be found by strolling among the ancient ruins of Lodhi Garden, which is one of the city’s most attractive locations. One of the most breathtaking locations for couples to visit in Delhi is the Lodhi Garden, which is located on Lodhi Road in South Delhi, close to Khan Market.

Here, you can unwind with your significant other while spending some quality time with your partner. In addition to being one of the greatest spots to visit in Delhi for couples, the park is close to several well-known eateries, such as the Lodhi Gardens restaurant.

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