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Top 6 Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online & Looks Fabulous!


Mon Jul 10

Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

Chikankari suits and kurtas have been trending for a while now and literally everyone wants to get the best of them! Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style which was originated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh! It is on of the most famous and finest textile works to be found in India. It is also said that Chikankari was initiated by the influence of Mughals in Lucknow by the intricate carving patterns of the architecture of Mughals!

Today, chikankari work is available in a wide range of fabrics and designs are innumerable! But among all this, there are very few places who sell good quality and real chikankari clothes. When it is about buying online, it gets a little tricky to know the quality of the cloth and so we are here to help you!

We have curated a list of the Top 6 Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online! We assure you that the quality and designs of these stores will take your heart away…

1. Noorkari

Picture Courtesy: Noorkari (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

Picture Courtesy: Noorkari (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

Noorkari is the largest & oldest community of Chikankari Connoisseurs since the year 1930. They are originally based from Lucknow and now have a physical store at Hazratganj, Lucknow! The collection that they have is just surreal and beautiful to another level!

Their designs are truly inspired by the Mughal architecture and it reflects in their handcrafted clothes! They have a following of 160K+ on Instagram and are quite famous among the masses who are true lovers of Chikankari work!

Buy From Here: Noorkari Instagram

2. Noor Chikankari

Picture Courtesy: Noor Chikankari (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

Noor Chikankari is yet another well-trusted Chikankari brand to be existing in India. They have a constant success rate and have delivered over 7000+ as of now! They ship worldwide and have been in business for quite a while now. They have a following of 400K+ on Instagram!

Their collection is so lovable that you cannot decide which to take and which to leave! They are authentically from Lucknow and so the best part is that you are going to the get the best of the work from them! They have an active website too from where you can shop.

Shop From Here: Noor Chikankari Instagram

3. House Of Chikankari

Picture Courtesy: House Of Chikankari (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

The house of chikankari is a brand established by a mother-daughter duo and is quite famous for their collection. The brand has collaborated with many influencers as well as movie stars. Their collection is the finest among all and they have a wide range of variety of chikankari kurtas, suits, Kurtis and much more!

They have over a following of 200k+ on Instagram and their brand was seen on Shark Tank too. They are one of the leading chikankari brands to be existing in India! They ship all over India and the whole of their collection to totally worth it!

Shop From Here: House Of Chikankari Instagram

4. Lucknowi Chikankari

Picture Courtesy: Lucknowi Chikankari (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

They have a following of 12k+ on Instagram and is one of the most loved Chikankari store to be in the business! Their collection is quite very versatile and they are quite active at all hours to be responding and helping their customers. Their collection is very pleasing and they literally have something for everyone. From daily wear fits to party wears to college and office wear, this is a one stop go-to for all your chikankari needs!

They are always available on Instagram DMs and WhatsApp chat to take orders and keep the customers updated!

Buy From Here: Lucknowi Chikankari Instagram

5. AriAA Chikankari

Picture Courtesy: AriaAA Chikankari (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

In a world of high and fast fashion, AriAA Chikankari believes in Slow Moving Fashion and that is their motto! They have one of the best of the hand embroidered chikankari pieces and their saree collection is to die for! They have a wide range of collection of handcrafted chikankari suits, Kurtas, Kurtis and the prettiest sarees!

They have a following of 100K+ on Instagram and are always available on Instagram DMs and on WhatsApp!

Buy From Here: AriAA Chikankari Instagram

6. Pakke Dhaage

Picture Courtesy: Pakke Dhaage (Instagram Stores To Buy Chikankari Online)

Pakke Dhaage is yet another Chikankari Instagram store which is based in Lucknow. They work mostly in pastels and their collection is just so pleasing-lovable-amazing! They have been in the business of chikankari handcraft for a while now and have been growing ever since.

They have a following of 22K+ on Instagram and you will surely fall in love with their collection. They are available on Instagram DMs & WhatsApp!

Buy From Here: Pakke Dhaage Instagram

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