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Top 7 Quirkiest Wedding Themes You Need to Checkout Right Away


Wed Jun 3

When it comes to weddings, we always want ours to be the most unique and beautiful out of all. Most people these days are into themed weddings and demands an extraordinary theme from our experts to make sure their wedding is the most exotic of them all. Well, we have a perfect solution for you if you have looked at all the wedding themes over the internet. We assure you that your search for the most creative and beautiful wedding theme ends here. So, if you are someone planning to get hitched soon then, make sure to check these extraordinary wedding themes for your special day. We have curated a list of all the unique ideas to make your dream wedding come true. Find our list of some of the most creative wedding themes and select the best one for your D-day. Let’s get started.

  • Forest themed wedding

A forest themed wedding is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary wedding themes one can wish for their wedding. A wedding amidst the natural beauty and mesmerizing chirping of the birds, early in the morning, is one of the most majestic ways to tie the knot with the love of your life. So, let the magnificent trees and the chirping birds be a witness of the most beautiful and divine weddings ever. Moreover, weddings like this demand very few décors and so, nature itself acts as a natural ornament at your wedding.

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  • Everything shimmery theme

A glitter themed wedding is for the bling lover in you. So, If you are someone who loves everything shiny and shimmery then, why not add this bling to your wedding as well? Well, a bling themed wedding is one of the quirkiest and stylish weddings ever. So, make sure your wedding is as shiny and flashy as your soul to get that beautiful shimmery effect.

  • Floral themed wedding

Floral themed weddings are one of the most beautiful and ravishing themes for your wedding. Pick your favourite flowers and find them everywhere on your wedding. Not only floral wedding themes are charming to look at but, it also gives a pleasant vibe to your guests as well. With a floral wedding theme, your wedding hall is going to be filled with the fragrance of your favourite flowers and their beauty.

  • Bollywood theme wedding

What could be a better wedding theme for a Bollywood lover than a Bollywood themed wedding? The answer would be nothing. Yes, a Bollywood fan can never miss a chance to have one of the most glorious Bollywood themed wedding at any cost. We know how much drama and romance you are expecting from a Bollywood style wedding, and that’s what you will get. So, make sure to tie the knot Bollywood style with the Veer to your Zara and experience one of the most magnificent weddings of all time.

  • Back to vintage time

A vintage themed wedding would take you on a tour of the beautiful vintage times. A wedding with a vintage theme is exceptional for those who wish to keep their wedding simple yet elegant. So, don’t forget to pick the most beautiful vintage décor for your wedding to ensure you have one of the most splendid weddings of all time.

  • Red and black themed wedding

Red and black is the ultimate theme for one of the most ravishing weddings of all time. You and your partner would experience the romantic vibes of the colour of love, red combined with the classiness of black colour. Moreover, a red and black themed wedding will complement your outfits, as well as, it will be one of the most extraordinary weddings for your wedding guests too. So, make sure to have one of the most Romantic weddings with a red and black themed wedding.

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  • The royal theme for your wedding

As we all know how royal weddings are in India. Therefore, to enhance the royalty of your special day we are here to introduce you to the ultimate wedding theme. Yes, a royal wedding theme is for all those who dream of having a wedding like Rajas and Ranis in India. The royal wedding theme has got everything from exquisite flowers to elegant decors, therefore, making sure you have your dream marriage.

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