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Best 10 Wedding Photographers In Chennai – Bookmark Right Now!


Thu Dec 14

Wedding Photographers In Chennai
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

One of the most significant days in a person’s life is their wedding day! You and your sweetheart are starting a new chapter in your lives. This is the day you become a responsible spouse instead of just a carefree individual. We also have no doubt that you would have planned the celebration to the highest standards, from the most precious jewels to the most delicious wedding cake, and from the nicest décor to the finest food. Furthermore, it would be useless to speculate as to whether you would have chosen the ideal wedding ring.

But it’s also crucial to make sure that every memorable moment of the wedding day is immortalized as best you can. You have to realize that in the years to come, these are the times that will bring back memories of your marriage. And who better than an elite photographer to record the unforgettable moments from your special day!?

Nonetheless, the majority of people make the error of asking a friend to take wedding photos. As a result, most of the clicks do not feature the bride and husband. Some couples never even get around to getting their ring ceremony photos back.

Though it may sound absurd, this is the reality. Please don’t commit this error! In addition to taking the greatest photos, a skilled photographer will craft a lovely narrative around the wedding. Thus, the finest choice you can make for your wedding celebration is to hire one.

We have curated the list of the Best 10 Wedding Photographers In Chennai that you need to bookmark right away!

1. Photostrophe

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Every job taken on by Photostrophe is not merely an occasion to be documented, but also the beginning of an incredibly valuable relationship with the client. In addition to their genuineness, their painstaking preparation and creative perceptions enable them to precisely capture the moments of beauty throughout wedding festivities.

And the creative force behind the organization, Mr. Raghu Lakshminaarayanan, the Founder Director, is the absolute embodiment of their skill.

2. Impress Stills

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Mr. Vijaykumar launched Impress Stills, which is one of the top photographic firms in South India. The company’s goal is to leave a lasting impact on its clients, as the name implies. And because of their devoted pursuit of this goal, they have received two nominations for Kodak’s best photography award.

3. Focuz Studios

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Every event that Focuz Studios takes on is done so with the intention of stunning the clients with creative photos. The directors of photography at this studio, Mr. Chandru Bharathy and Mr. Saranraj Annamalai, take great pride in the premium equipment they employ for wedding events and feel that the usage of cutting-edge technology is essential to producing high-quality photographs.

4. Studio A

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Mr. Amar Ramesh founded Studio A in 2010, and it currently employs a dynamic group of writers, editors, cinematographers, photographers, and studio managers. And it is because to this knowledge that the studio is able to significantly improve the quality of numerous weddings in the Chennai region. Their goal is to assist you in capturing those unique moments of the day in the most creative methods possible.

5. Yadhu Photography

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Yadhu Photography, recognized as the 2014–15 Wedding Photographer of the Year, is renowned for producing excellent images. However, the method by which they combine the photos is what really distinguishes them. With its use of premium textured paper and range of compilation possibilities, this project is undoubtedly igniting Chennai’s photographic scene.

6. Fotozone Chennai

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Fotozone, who specialize in candid wedding photography, is a great choice if you want to inject some personality and good times into your wedding photos. Additionally, they provide a live candid wedding shoot in which all of the wedding festivities are captured on camera and broadcast live for the benefit of all guests. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

7. The HIQ Photographers

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

HIQ photographers has eighteen years of experience and covers a wide range of wedding styles, from traditional to candid. If you hire them, they will accompany you on all aspects of your wedding journey, from engagement photos to honeymoon photography. Lastly, the finest thing is that Mr. Murali Raju, a skilled veteran, is in charge of HIQ Photographers’ services.

8. Bhalaje Photography

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

It is highly recommended that you give this photography studio serious consideration if you are organizing an elegant wedding. Bhalaje Photography offers more than just photography; they also arrange weddings. One of their specialties is the 3000 square foot, air-conditioned studio they utilize for family portraiture.

9. Omega Modelling Studio

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

Mr. Omega Arputharaj has over 20 years of expertise and is an expert in timing, angles, and elegant editing. He has captured the wedding celebrations of numerous actors, including Lekha, Issac, and Aarthi Ganeshkar. He has collaborated with top photographers such as Jilaki Selvam and V. Vijay, which speaks volumes about his caliber.

10. SS Digital Photography

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Chennai)

When you look at the wedding photos later in your married life, you will undoubtedly be transported back in time if you use SS Digital Photography for the wedding. With the newest equipment and editing software, their team of professional photographers and videographers can capture every moment of your wedding day with exceptional quality.

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