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10+ Best Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery – Check It Out!


Sat Mar 9

Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

Welcome to the glamorous world of bridal jewelry, where elaborate designs, priceless diamonds, and a hint of timeless beauty adorn fantasies! Extraordinary designs that showcase a bride’s distinct style and grace are essential for her big day, and Instagram has become a veritable gold mine of outstanding sellers with an exquisite selection of bridal jewelry.

So, let us to take you on a journey through the virtual aisles of some of the best jewelry stores on Instagram, where the aspirations of every soon-to-be bride and the skill of master artisans mingle together. Every bride’s heart will skip a beat when they see the unmatched variety of these Instagram boutiques, which feature everything from classic to modern, delicate to statement pieces.

Here is the list of the 10+ Best Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery that you need to check out right away!

1. Purab Paschim By Ankit Khullar

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

Purab Paschim, a renowned jewelry brand created by Ankit Khullar, is renowned for its classic and refined styles. The brand’s distinct taste and style help brides appear stunning on their special day. The brand creates heirloom-quality jewelry by modifying pieces that are inspired by classical aesthetics.

Buy It Here: Purab Paschim

2. Retrend Jewels

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

Retrend Jewels is an Instagram store that beautifully captures the wonderful beauty and rich cultural legacy of chunky oxidized and Afghani jewelry. The business draws inspiration for its jewelry creations from the vivid colors and complex themes prevalent in Desi culture. Honestly, this is the store to go to if you’re searching for something really stunning but lightweight!

Buy It Here: Retrend Jewels

3. Suhana Art & Jewels

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

We’re here to attest to the incredible quality of the diamonds that practically every influencer on one particular well-known Instagram page wears. You’ve probably seen them all wearing them. This incredible Instagram store, which is based in Delhi, contributes to some of the greatest bridal jewelry that we’ve seen both online and off!

Buy It Here: Suhana Art & Jewels

4. Knot Me Cute

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

The store Knot Me Cute is run by a group of master craftsmen renowned for their exquisite workmanship. Every creation they produce demonstrates their needlework prowess and a dash of devotion for the finest thread. Every bride should be able to create an elegant style statement like the ones displayed in their designs!

Buy It Here: Knot Me Cute

5. AéTeē

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

This is the place to go if you’re searching for something unusual! The pieces from AéTeē are the ideal complement to any cocktail or reception outfit, for a bride. They are made with opulent, maximalist designs that give them a really distinctive, premium quality.

Buy It Here: AéTeē

6. Shringaar – The Ethnic Story

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

The purpose of Shringaar is to honor each bride’s unique tale. Shringaar is an Instagram label that combines refinement and elegance with gorgeous silver and oxidized bases, as well as oxidized jewels and exquisite silver pieces.

Buy It Here: Sringaar – The Ethnic Story

7. Teejh

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

TEEJH is a simple yet powerful identity shared by all women worldwide! It’s an opulent celebration of womanhood and its gorgeous manifestations, exquisitely conveyed via their jewelry!

The jewellery designs of TEEJH are exquisite yet minimal; intricate and highly delicate, yet very OTT! The jewellery sets are perfect for a bride who wants to stand out in her wedding festivities. They have a lot many options of jewellery starting from oxidized to stone studded and a lot more!

Buy It Here: TEEJH

8. Ziddi

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

Ziddi is a jewelry line committed to appreciating the elegance of simple design. They have the belief that simple is elegant, and their collection embodies this idea with its colorful and modern designs that empower brides to stand out with a sophisticated style!

Buy It Here: Ziddi

9. Unfold Self

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

Unfold Self is a unique company that has been the focus of the Instagram community lately. It is a local Instagram label that sells lightweight, bohemian jewellery. They were recently spotted on Deeksha Khurana, and they have a variety of bohemian, oxidized silver jewelry pieces, including as anklets, stacked earrings, Jhumkas, and kadas. To be honest, we can’t get enough of these huge Jhumkas. For a little portion of the price, they are both attractive and incredibly light!

Buy It Here: Unfold Self

10. Aurelia Jewellery

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

The key element of Aurelia Jewellery is blending glass with oxidized bases and silver. Aurelia’s mission is to design and supply exquisite wearables that radiate style, artistry, and skill. Aurelia Jewellery offers a range of styles to fit your personal taste and preference, whether you’re looking for a delicate decoration for everyday use or a statement piece to elevate your ensemble.

11. Jewel Street

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

Bridal jewelry company Jewel Street is committed to encapsulating all the beauty and romanticism of your big day. They work hard to design stunning jewels that will complement your bridal look and bring back priceless memories because they recognize how special your wedding is!

Buy It Here: Jewel Street

12. Bareilyy

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

If you’re looking for affordable oxidized jewelry, Bareilyy is the place to go. The shop displays the tasteful combination of modern design and vintage charm, while also honoring the charm of rusted metals!

Buy It Here: Bareilyy

13. Riana By Shikha Jindal

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

An Instagram business brand called Riana by Shikha Jindal was founded on the idea that every bride ought to feel like a picture of grace and beauty. Their collection features a wide range of expertly made jewelry pieces that combine classic elegance with a contemporary twist! Every design, from glittering bracelets and necklaces to captivating earrings and scintillating mathapattis, is painstakingly made with care.

Buy It Here: Riana By Shikha Jindal

14. Dipi

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

An Indian homegrown firm called Dipi Treats, run entirely by women, specializes in elegant and one-of-a-kind jewelry that appears to be taken from a storybook! In addition, their gorgeous earrings would be the ideal present for your bridesmaids and closest friends if you’re searching for reasonably priced, superior imitation jewelry for your reception and mehndi ceremony!

Buy It Here: Dipi

How To Decide Where To Get The Bridal Jewellery From?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

1. Always look out for reviews about the business and look out for real-bride or real-customer pictures on their profile.

2. Contact the business page and ask if they have more designs of jewellery except of the already displayed ones.

3. You can also ask them, if they customize any of the jewellery pieces. This way you can add a bit of personalization to your bridal look!

4. All of these jewellery brands are under an affordable budget and have very amazing options for the brides. SetMyWed lists the bridal jewellery brands ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15000 for the jewellery pieces and set for the brides.

5. While choosing a brand to purchase bridal jewelry from, you should take into account things like client review, reputation, and the particular options offered. It is, after all, among the most crucial components of the bridal ensemble!

Where I can find the best Bridal Jewellery brand?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Instagram Stores For Bridal Jewellery)

You can very easily find the best of the bridal jewellery brand on

How To Find The Best Bridal Jewellery Vendors?

We have everything you need if you’re searching for the greatest bridal jewelry vendors. We promise that you won’t be short of options. SetMyWed has compiled the top bridal jewelry suppliers in the bridal jewelry category!

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Style Your Gorgeous Bridal Jewellery Exquisitely With Your Bridal Outfits!

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