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10+ Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata – Get Your ‘Picture Perfect’


Tue Dec 12

Wedding Photographers In Kolkata
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

The ‘soon to be getting married’ couples want every aspect of their wedding to be flawless. Marrying brings exhilaration, but it also brings stress—the need to look flawless in photos. Especially, when it is about a Bengali bride – they take great care when selecting the top bridal makeup artist in Kolkata for this reason.

Your wedding photos are an enormous catastrophe, even if you had the most stunning bridal makeover. For this reason, you should carefully verify a photographer’s effectiveness before employing them. Professional wedding photographers are equipped with the right tools and training to get beautiful images.

You will be able to relive the happiness, love, and joy of your wedding day for the rest of your life with these photos. To help you get the best of the photographer, we have come up to your rescue.

Here is a list of the 10+ Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata that you need to save right away!

1. Sombit Dey Photography

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

A group of well-known wedding photographers in Kolkata is called Sombit Dey Photography. They are pros in catching every special moment of your wedding in the ideal light to provide you the most beautiful wedding photos. They have produced amazing bridal photographs and collaborated with Kolkata’s best makeup artist. To provide you the greatest photography experience possible, Sombit Dey’s team gives you a wide range of wedding photography services.

2. QpidIndia

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

As a leading candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, QpidIndia stands apart from the competition. They visit different places to get photos of dreamy wedding moments. Their staff members take care to establish a welcoming atmosphere in order to capture the most striking photographs. Their enthusiasm for wedding photography enables them to produce images of the highest caliber. 

3. Rig Biswas

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

In order to satisfy its clients, rig photography incorporates fresh and original concepts into their wedding photos. They are renowned as Kolkata’s top Bengali wedding photographers since they are adept at preserving our vibrant culture in still images. Because they are such skilled storytellers, they have written countless charming wedding diaries. The rig photography crew is willing to travel for out-of-town weddings where their clients arrange lodging.

4. Milan Magic

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

The most well-known wedding gallery team in Kolkata is known for their ability to take gorgeous wedding photos. With their photographic skills, they capture every last detail and bring them to perfection. Their extremely skilled photographers produce breathtaking images with the aid of contemporary techniques and equipment. They do all possible to convey the true spirit of a traditional Bengali wedding.

5. The Weddart

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

With over 5 years of experience in the wedding market, The Weddart is a renowned candid wedding photographer in Kolkata. Their gifted wedding photographer creates amazing wedding images by utilizing original concepts. They think each couple has a special tale to share that can be told in the most spectacular way.

6. Symphony Of Shutters

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

A collection of gifted photographers with a focus on candid photography is called Symphony of Shutters. They tell romantic couple stories in a way that is all their own. Your wedding photos have a magical quality because to their Bengali wedding couple photography. They are also skilled in pre-wedding Kolkata photography.

7. The Frame Maker

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

One of the top candid wedding photographers, based in Kolkata, is skilled at capturing genuine moments. They have been in the wedding photography business for the past seven years, and during that time they have accomplished a great deal. Their skilled photographers have become experts in passionately capturing unscripted moments.

8. Candid Affair

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

Candid affair is well-known for its distinctive Bengali wedding photo angles. Since 2013, they have been employed in the field. and assisting couples in turning their memorable moments into treasured memories. Kolkata candid wedding photography is their area of expertise. Their technique of taking candid pictures and experimenting with natural lighting produces the most amazing wedding pics. They have top-notch equipment ready to record every moment of your wedding.

9. Srejon Imagery

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

Best recognized for its candid wedding pictures is Srejon Imagery. Through their camera lens, they want to capture genuine emotions and genuine feelings. They must have a solid reputation for producing the greatest wedding images in the wedding business. They have received endless praise for their original concepts and magnificent creations.

10. Sanjoy Mahajon Photography

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

A one-stop shop for everything Sanjoy Mahajon photography needs to create a special wedding day. They are renowned for offering the greatest pre-wedding photos in the area. Pre-wedding photo shoots and dramatic wedding tales are their areas of expertise. Through his cinematic style of wedding photography in Kolkata, he employs his distinct sense to capture all the emotions of the wedding day.

11. Pixonova

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

You should choose them if you’re searching for someone who can make your wedding photos stand out enough to draw attention. Pixonova is a creative wedding photographer from Bengaluru who works as a professional. Rishav Chakraborty, the proprietor of Pixonova, uses his technical expertise to produce wedding narratives. By taking the greatest pair images, he ensures that the couple feels at ease during the photo session.

12. DM Digitals

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

Excellent wedding photographs from DM Digitals are guaranteed to catch a couple’s attention. They have fifteen years of professional experience in the Kolkata wedding photography industry. They are able to give you the most gorgeous pictures from your big day. They provide their customers with reasonably priced photography packages. additionally make out-of-town trips to record destination weddings.

13. Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Wedding Photographers In Kolkata)

Ritabrata Mukherjee’s exquisite wedding portraits allowed you to relive every second of your special day. He is skilled in catching fleeting moments from your exquisite wedding rituals. His photographic approach has the power to bring dreams to life. His areas of expertise are candid, pre-wedding, and wedding photography. Every picture that Ritabrata Mukherjee takes is full with innocence and affection.

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